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Container bags used for seeds are more and more popular among agricultural users. Because the seeds will continue to emit moisture and heat to the outside world during the storage process. If the number of seeds in the storage process is very large and the ventilation effect of the storage space is poor, the qualitative changes of the seeds will occur.
Aiming at the characteristics of seeds, Mu Guang can provide various types of standard container bags, valve bags, stretch bags, and breathable bags for storage and transportation of agricultural users. Because the seeds are often stored in winter, Mu Guang can customize ton bags with covered cloth for customers to transport goods more safely and not easy to spill; the material can be customized to add an anti-purple agent to improve the anti-aging ability of plastic ton bags under sunlight ; And it can be customized to increase the lacing to solve the bag expansion problem and save storage space.
The fertilizer industry usually uses standard container bags, valve bags, and paper-plastic composite bags for packaging and transportation. Many agricultural customers are willing to choose kraft valve bags for packaging, because they are generally composed of three layers of kraft paper and a moisture-proof plastic film. Almost all the outer layer is made of imported paper, yellow or white, and the inner layer is often made of domestic yellow kraft paper. The laminated plastic film has a moisture-proof effect.
Agricultural products (such as potatoes, onions, nuts and beans) can be put into big bags, which is convenient for many agricultural customers to store and transport agricultural products. The standard container bags, stretch bags and woven bags produced by Mu Guang can be used for packaging agricultural products. Especially the ventilated bags made by Mu Guang are woven from ventilated fabrics, which are more conducive to the storage of agricultural products.
The packaging of animal feed is used in a variety of container bags. The standard container bags, ton bags, vented bags, lacing bags, valve bags, etc. provided by Mu Guang can be used for the packaging of animal feed. Among them, container bags with material openings, such as large-opening unloading ton bags, large tie-opening unloading ton bags, and loading and unloading ton bags, are currently the most popular animal feed packaging bags. Because it is easy to use, store and transport.
In addition, Mu Guang can provide printing services for different types of animal feed packaging bags. In order to achieve better marketing purposes.
Carbon black
Building materials
The big carbon black bag is designed to exceed 2 meters and can hold about 2 cubic meters of carbon black and activated carbon. The standard container bags and stretch bags provided by Mu Guang can be used for the packaging of carbon black. In response to the needs of our customers, Mu Guang provides packaging bags woven with black uncoated fabrics, as well as special printing services to make them more closely fit the products.
Like cement, packaging of building materials (sand, stone) can also be used in woven bag technology. The standard container bags and stretch bags provided by Mu Guang can be used for packaging of construction materials. Mu Guang can also customize green or gray thick snakeskin bags for storage and transportation of building materials. It has better performance, higher quality and stronger environmental protection.
Cement packaging is currently the most widely used woven bag technology. All woven bags provided by Mu Guang can be used for cement packaging. The ton bag can carry 1 ton or 1.5 tons of goods (can be customized according to customer needs). In addition, we also provide design services for woven bag lined bags, because moisture resistance is very important to cement, and moisture will seriously damage the components of cement, resulting in irreversible economic losses.
There is a wide range of chemicals, and there are a variety of big bags suitable for them. The types that Mu Guang can provide for chemical products are:

l Anti-static container bag-TYPE-C conductive bag l Ton bag soft pallet l Standard container bags
Since chemical products require the highest specification container bags, Mu Guang can provide major international trading companies with professional chemical packaging bags such as anti-oxidation, moisture-proof and anti-leakage.
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