Each ton bag you see is made of carefully selected PP materials, which are wound into flat yarns through a drawing process; a circular weaving process is woven into a cloth, which is then coated, printed, and cut into bags. Our master workers sew accessories such as slings, belts, and spouts to the base material and then make bags of various specifications, which are light, soft, strong and safe. Below we will lead you to appreciate the textile production process of Muguang Plastics and understand the detailed production process of your favorite bag.
Bag making
The flat wire process is the first and most important process in the production of Muguang Plastics. Flat yarn is a chemical fiber monofilament with a flat cross-section, which is the basic material for the production of woven cloth. The flat yarns are made of specific types of polypropylene and polyethylene resins through melt extrusion to form films, which are slit longitudinally into strips, and the strips are heated at the same time for drawing orientation and then shaped, and finally wound into flat yarn spindles. To ensure the strength of the base fabric for the ton bag, the tensile strength of the flat yarn must be improved. What we have to do is not only to strictly control the quality of raw materials, but also to pass multiple inspections in each production process.
In the weaving process, the second process, the master worker weaves the flat yarn into woven fabrics of different sizes, weights and colors. When we design a tonnage bag, we first communicate the weight of the loaded cargo with the customer, and then determine the volume and weight of the tonnage bag based on the specific gravity of the loaded material and whether the material is sharp and hard. The weight per unit area of woven fabric is expressed in square meters. The weight mainly depends on the warp and weft density and the thickness of the flat yarn. The weight affects the tensile strength and load capacity of the woven fabric, which is one of the cost control of the manufacturer. The main link. In recent years, under the influence of the country's vigorous promotion of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, Muguang Plastics has replaced more than 20 machines and equipment, which not only increased production, but also reduced product costs.
We not only produce base fabrics, but also accessories slings, shrouds, and tie ropes. In the design of ton bag, the selection of sling material is very important. We can customize the sling with support base for you, and use hard wire to widen the sling, so that the ton bag is evenly stressed, the safety factor is higher, and the load-bearing capacity is stronger. Need to choose two rings, four rings, etc. to increase the tensile strength. Our belts are tightly sewn, wear-resistant and stretch-resistant, and the tie ropes are strong and strong, providing you with double protection.
Established in 2005, Muguang Plastics has grown from a small workshop to a plastic weaving production factory integrating R&D, production and sales. Thanks to the new and old customers who have accompanied us all the way for their choice and trust. We will bring our faith in packaging. Provide you with the best quality service!
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