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The ton bag is a kind of flexible transportation packaging container. It has the advantages of lightness, softness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and non-leakage of plastic; it has sufficient strength in structure, and is firm and safe, and it can be assembled and unloaded. Convenient and adapt to the characteristics of mechanized operation, it can be widely used for packaging various powdery, granular and block-shaped items such as chemicals, cement, grain, and mineral products. Equipped with cranes or forklifts, unitized transportation can be realized.


Flexible container bag/ton bag


Open/big tie/cover




Parallel support/Tic-Tac-Toe/Cross support/No support


New PP material (polypropylene)

Feed mouth

Double material port/feeding port/unloading port/no material port


1-2 tons


With belt/no belt


Support customization of any weight


Support customization of any size


Round/square/U type


Four cranes (over-angle crane/corner crane)/double crane/ single crane/plus ring/plus pole

Note: Customized tonnage bags with covered cloth are safer when loading and transporting powdery goods, and are not easy to spill;

the customization of materials and the addition of anti-purple agent will improve the anti-aging ability of plastic tonnage bags under

sunlight; the stretching function can be customized Solve the problem of bloat.

Ton bag with flat bottom and four rings: The most cost-effective ton bag type. The opening makes the most of the volume of the ton bag and is suitable for carrying stones, sand, building materials and other materials.
Four flat-bottomed rings + tie cloth:
The design of the tie cloth not only ensures the maximum capacity of the ton bag, but also effectively protects the packaged material from external influences and pollution.
Four flat-bottomed rings + loading port:
The loading port is used with the filling machine during filling, which will not generate dust in the factory, and save time and effort.
Tie cloth + discharge port:
The discharge port not only improves work efficiency, but also can be recycled, without cutting the bottom of the bag, saving costs.
Loading and unloading ports + four rings:
The design of the loading and unloading port makes the ton bag more flexible, meets different needs of use, and makes loading and unloading more convenient.
Round ton bag:
That is, chemical container bags, used for the packaging of chemical products storage and transportation. Packaging materials designed according to the characteristics of the chemical raw materials themselves, in addition to the requirements of load-bearing properties, but also to ensure the integrity and safety of the packaging materials
Type introduction
Operation precautions
1. Don't stand under the container bag during lifting operation. 2. Please hang the hook on the central part of the sling or rope, do not hang diagonally, single-sided or diagonally pull the container bag. 3. Do not rub against other objects, hook or collide with the container bag during operation. 4. Do not pull the sling backwards to the outside. 5. When the container bag is operated by a forklift, please do not let the fork touch or tie the bag body to prevent the container bag from being pierced. 6. When transporting in the workshop, try to use pallets, avoid using a hook to carry the container bag while shaking it while transporting it. 7. Keep the FIBC upright during loading, unloading and stacking. 8. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or concrete. 9. When storing outside as a last resort, the FIBC should be placed on the shelf, and the FIBC must be covered tightly with opaque shed cloth. 10. After use, wrap the container bag with paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.
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