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The ventilated ton bag structure design is composed of a cylindrical bag body, a material inlet, a material outlet, a sling and a soft tray at the bottom. The air-permeable ton bag has a cylindrical shape with small ends and a large middle. The bag has a layered structure, including five layers of woven layer, heat insulation layer, filter layer, adsorption layer and breathable layer. A see-through window made of transparent PET material can be designed in the middle of the side of the bag body of the air-permeable ton bag. The see-through window is designed to facilitate the observation of the material in the bag.
Compared with the general ton bag, the main difference between the vented ton bag is that it has an extra layer of venting layer for packaging. The material of the air permeable layer of the ton bag is polyethylene film, and the air permeable layer is designed with many air holes, and the aperture of the air holes is generally larger than that of the heat insulation layer. The design of the air-permeable ton bag should not only be conducive to ventilation and heat dissipation, but also have waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so it is necessary to cover a layer of waterproof membrane on the surface of the air-permeable material. The thickness of the waterproof membrane is designed to be 70-120 microns.
In the design of the inlet and outlet, the inlet and outlet of the air-permeable ton bag are generally designed in a barrel shape, wherein the inlet is designed at the upper end of the bag body, and the outlet is designed at the lower end of the ton bag. The feeding and discharging ports of the ton bags are designed as variable diameter sections to facilitate the feeding and discharging of materials and the opening of the bundle. In order to enhance the stability of the ton bag, it is necessary to seal the contact surface between the bag body, the upper reducing section and the inlet and outlet with a double sewing thread structure. In addition, the edge position of the variable diameter section of the air-permeable ton bag is generally designed as a folded edge, and the two positions of the upper and lower edges of the variable diameter section are designed to be embedded and overlapped to form a four-layer structure.
We provide ventilated ton bags for packing potatoes, onions or wood. This breathable layer has perforated stripes that allow air to circulate in the bag. This is necessary to keep potatoes, onions and wood dry. Otherwise, if a non-ventilated fabric is used, the moisture emitted by potatoes, onions and wood will not be able to leave the bulk bag, and the product may deteriorate.


Four-ring open vented ton bag


With backing (cross/Tic Tac Toe/parallel)/without backing


New PP material (polypropylene)


Customized openings, large tie openings, blanking openings, cover cloths can be customized


1-2 tons

Sealing edge

With belt/without belt


Support customization of any weight


Support customization of any size


Round/square/U type

Custom made

Leak-proof, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, internal bracing


Four rings, can be customized cross-angle sling, corner sling, single hoist, double hoist, four-span angle hoist with rings, four-span angle hoist with pole


Ventilated and breathable, suitable for loading potatoes, wood, etc.

Note: A conductive bag with inner lining can be customized. When the conductive wire is not connected to the ground or is damaged, it is prohibited to use this product.

The main picture and product details of the ventilated ton bag
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