custom made
Large-capacity one grab/two grab ton bags can be customized according to the different material openings and linings.
Double feed ports can be set at the top and bottom to support various customization and matching to improve loading efficiency.
-Single-ring and double-ring big bags represent special solutions for handling and storing materials using big bags
-A hook or similar device can be used to lift one or more large bags at the same time, which has significant advantages compared with   standard bulk bags that usually require a forklift and can only carry one large bag at the same time.
-It is easier to load bulk carriers or trains without using a forklift
-The most cost-effective big bag
The ton bag is a kind of flexible transportation packaging container. It has the advantages of lightness, softness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and non-leakage of plastic; it has sufficient strength in structure, and is firm and safe, and it can be assembled and unloaded. Convenient and adapt to the characteristics of mechanized operation, it can be widely used in the packaging of various powdery, granular and block-shaped items such as chemicals, cement, grain, and mineral products. Equipped with cranes or forklifts, unitized transportation can be realized.
One-handed/two-handed big bags are also called single-ring and double-ring big bags, which combine traditional four-ring big bags into one or two rings, effectively improving the efficiency of loading and transportation of big bags.

can be set lining

One grab or two grab bags can support 5 different linings, which is conducive to the storage and transportation of different products.

Loosely inserted tubular liner

For single-lift and double-lift big bags, the most common liner is loosely inserted tubular liner. For most fertilizer producers, this type of solution is economical and affordable. The liner is usually welded at the bottom and open at the top. The inner lining can be closed with a cable tie on the top.

Loose valved tubular bushing

The loosening is similar to a loose tubular liner, but with additional welding at the top and a hole for filling on the top edge.

Loosely inserted liner with inlet or outlet nozzles

This liner is a bottle-shaped liner welded to an inlet or outlet nozzle. The backing paper can be loosely inserted into the bag.


Dangling template

The suspended template is fixed in the loop.

This has the advantage that the liner cannot be moved inside the big bag.

Note: A conductive bag with inner lining can be customized. When the conductive wire is not connected to the ground or is damaged, it is prohibited to use this product.

The feed opening
Feeding port
Double spout
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Stretch bag
Breathable bag
Soft pallet ton bag
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