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Woven bag, also known as snakeskin bag, is a kind of plastic bag. It is used for packaging. Its raw materials are generally various chemical plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. (my country’s production is mainly polypropylene (PP), which is polymerized by ethylene A kind of thermoplastic resin obtained), which is extruded and stretched into flat yarn, and then woven and bag made. The composite plastic woven bag is made of plastic woven fabric as the base material and compounded by the casting method.

The color of the woven bag is generally white or off-white, non-toxic and tasteless. Although it is made of various chemical plastics, its environmental protection is strong, and the recycling effort is relatively large. Woven bags are classified into seamed bottom bags, seamed bottom bags, insert pockets, and bonded seamed bags according to the sewing method. According to the effective width of the bag, it is divided into 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700mm... The weight per unit area of the woven bag is expressed by the square meter weight, which mainly depends on the warp and weft density and flatness. The thickness of the wire and the grammage in square meters affect the tensile strength.
Woven bags have a wide range of uses, mainly used for packaging powdery or granular solid materials and flexible items. There are 6 billion woven bags used for cement packaging in my country every year. With the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven container bags are widely used in various industries, such as feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, and urea woven bags. Bags, vegetable breathable bags, rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags, logistics packaging bags, freight packaging bags, plastic geotextiles, flood control woven bags...


Woven bag/snakeskin bag


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General printing, color printing, laminating, filling mouth, sleeve inner film, open edge, drawstring, punching, handle, sewing on mouth, pearl film, matting film, imitation paper film, aluminum foil film, special-shaped customized, kraft paper Strip bottom, ultrasonic sealing...

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