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Valve bag, commonly known as paste bottom bag, is a kind of packaging bag born under the guidance of the idea of improving packaging efficiency and convenient transportation. Square bottom valve bag is a small bulk packaging container. The overall appearance of the bag is square. The material is fed from the top or bottom valve port. Special filling equipment is used. After filling the material, it is packed into a cube, suitable for stacking and transportation, neat and beautiful , Belongs to the environmental protection bag, which is beneficial to improve the corporate brand efficiency in appearance packaging, and is currently one of the most popular packaging materials in the world.


Valve pocket








New PP material (polypropylene)



Custom made

Support customized leak-proof, moisture-proof and UV-proof


Gypsum, putty powder, tile glue, chemical raw materials, etc.

Custom made

The valve bag has the characteristics of high-speed filling, flexible valve port, neat stacking, firmness and reliability, and resistance to damage.

The valve bag is a type of packaging bag that sets the valve port on the top or bottom of the bag into the material filling port of the valve bag filling machine to achieve high-speed quantitative filling. It uses a variety of different types of valve ports to adapt to various types of valve bag filling machines and types of packaging products. The high-strength kraft paper or paper-plastic composite cloth has high firmness and strong impact resistance. After being filled with materials, it automatically fills up the cuboid, which is convenient for stacking neatly. It is suitable for the packaging of granular, powder and ultra-fine powder materials. It is currently international The widely used environmentally friendly packaging bag type is especially suitable for export enterprises. Valve pockets are mainly used for packaging powdery or granular solid materials and flexible articles such as edible powder, chemical powder, fertilizer, synthetic materials, explosives, grain, salt, minerals, etc.

Polypropylene coated valve bag: It is made of polypropylene woven cloth with upper valve port or lower valve port. It is the strongest product in the valve bag and is used for packaging of various heavy materials. After coating or adding an inner bag, it can also be used for powder filling. Compared with ordinary PP woven bags, it can improve packaging efficiency. Its advantages are low price and highest strength.

Polypropylene coated woven square-bottom valve bag: It is based on a film-coated woven bag. The specifications and dimensions are based on customer requirements. Using hot air welding technology, it is made into a packaging bag with upper and lower seals or openings on the lower seal. Kraft paper valve pocket: Generally, it is composed of three layers of kraft paper and a moisture-proof plastic film. Almost all the outer layer is made of imported paper, yellow or white, and the inner layer is often made of domestic yellow kraft paper. The laminated plastic film has a moisture-proof effect. In order to breathe air during filling, sometimes a row of holes should be punched on the surface of the kraft paper valve pocket to increase the filling speed, otherwise the gas cannot be discharged quickly with the material entering, which will affect the filling speed. Its advantage is good moisture-proof effect, exhaust gas, suitable for canned powder. Paper-plastic composite valve bag: The paper-plastic composite valve bag is made of plastic woven bag (fabric for short) as the base material and compounded by the casting method (cloth/membrane composite is two-in-one, cloth/membrane/paper composite is triple)
Polyethylene blown film valve bag: PE valve bag is made of polyethylene woven cloth valve port. The surface can be covered with anti-skid strips to solve the problem of sliding bag. It is suitable for canned particles. Its advantage is that the transparent valve bag can achieve material visibility. High tear strength and good toughness.

According to the material, the valve bag can be divided into: polypropylene film-coated valve bag, paper-plastic composite valve bag, multi-layer paper valve bag, polyethylene blown film valve bag. Valve port type: inner valve port and outer valve port, and there are heat-sealed valve ports.

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