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The soft pallet ton bag belongs to a new type of cargo handling tool, which is a flexible containerized soft pallet. The soft pallet solves the problem of the centralized shipment of large and light bagged goods and the large amount of labor required for loading and unloading, which saves loading and unloading costs. The pallet can be used repeatedly, and can be recycled and reused when it can no longer be used, which is beneficial to environmental protection. And it has the advantages of convenient storage and use, and does not occupy storage space.
1. It is light in weight, easy to load and unload, save manpower and improve work safety; 2. Strong flexibility, saving storage space (the volume of 100 soft pallets is only about 0.5 cubic meters) 3. Recyclable and easy to recycle; 4. Compared with other material pallets, the cost is lower;

Specific operation methods for the use of soft pallet ton bags

1. Flatten the bottom of the soft pallet on the ground or workbench, and place the sling and fixing strap around the soft pallet; 2. Staggered stacking of goods on the surface of the soft pallet according to each layer; 3. Tighten the sling, manually hang it to the forklift or the front fork of the lifting equipment, and use the sling to secure the goods before lifting and transporting.


Soft pallet/ton pallet/lifting bag




New PP granule polypropylene

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Cross/Tic Tac Toe/Parallel


Support customization, length and width refers to the length and width of the soft base fabric, and height refers to the height of the sling


1-2 tons is designed according to the size of the small package, the stacking height, and the slippery degree of the small package

Number of straps

4 hangs

custom made

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